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Epoxy Resin Pox-I - Injection Resin, Mortar Resin

Epoxy Resin Pox-I - Injection Resin, Mortar Resin


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22,42 per kgs
6 kgs (ArtNr.: 9001010402 )
Weight: 6.000 kg
12 kgs (ArtNr.: 9001010403 )
Weight: 12.000 kg
Epoxy Resin Pox-I - Injection Resin, Mortar Resin

90010104.. MAFA - Pox I - Injection Resin and Mortar Resin - 2-component epoxy resin - for frictionally bonding of cracks and various materials to each other - for the manufacture of high-strength chemical resistant epoxy resin and ECC mortar

Product description: MAFA Pox I is a solvent-free, unfilled, transparent 2-component epoxy resin with high compressive and tensile strength

Application Field: MAFA Pox I is used for the frictional and adhesive sealing and injection of concrete, masonry, wood and natural stone. MAFA Pox I adheres extremely well to dry, damp and wet surfaces, cures even under water without affecting the resin properties. Furthermore you can use MAFA Pox I also for manufacturing Bonding agents, coatings, highly wear-resistant thin and thick coatings, waterproofing and industrial flooring

Function / Features: The mixed components to cure a hard elastic thermosets with high compressive, flexural, adhesive tensile and shear strength. Due to the special, mature formulation MAFA Pox I liables on dry and wet conditions very good. MAFA Pox I is highly chemical resistant, non-toxic when cured and non-toxic

Certificates: Officially tested by the Technical University of Munich - drinking water approval

Technical Data:
Material Base solvent-free 2-component epoxy resin
Appearance honey-yellow, transparent
Viscosity (20° C) about 270 mPas
Density (20° C) Component A: 1.12 kg / l
Component B: 1.03 kg / l
Mixture: 1.07 kg / l
Mixing Ratio

                         Comp.1     Comp.2
Weight Parts           2    :  1
Volume Parts       2,2    :  1

Mixing ratios bundle 6kgs:

Comp.A     Comp.B

1kgs                 0,67kgs   :    0,33kgs
2kgs                 1,34kgs   :    0,67kgs
3kgs                 2,00kgs   :    1,00kgs
4kgs                 2,67kgs   :    1,33kgs

5kgs                 3,33kgs   :    1,66kgs


Mixing ratios bundle 12kgs:

Comp.A     Comp.B

6kgs                 4,00kgs   :    2,00kgs
7kgs                 4,67kgs   :    2,33kgs
8kgs                 5,33kgs   :    2,67kgs
9kgs                 6,00kgs   :    3,00kgs

10kgs               6,77kgs   :    3,33kgs
11kgs               7,33kgs   :    3,67kgs


Processing Time (20° C) about 40 minutes in an approach of 1 kg

Processing Temperature (Material Temperature)

not less than 5 ° C
Curing Time (20° C) about 12 hours, final strength after 7 days
Compressive Strength 89,6 N/mm²
Flexural Strength 31,9 N/mm²
Shear Strength by concrete bonding

6,33 N/mm² (Bonding and dry storage)
4,06 N/mm² (Bonding and dry storage)

Storage dry conditions, away from direct sunlight
Storability 1 year in unopened containers
Packaging Tin containers á 1 kg, 6 kgs, 12 kgs
Hazardous Goods (November 2012) Component A - UN3082
Component B - UN1760


All technical data relate to laboratory conditions 20 ° C / 65%. r. F.


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