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Professional Restoration by High Pressure Injection

Screw Packer made of Plastic

After injection, remaining parts of steel in buildings can lead to rust. When rust forms in the concrete, the structure of the concrete is attacked, so for high quality injections very often the Plastic Screw Packer for Injection of  MAFA is chosen.

Professional restoration in building components and concrete  is only achieved by high pressure injection with steel injection packers. Remnants of the packers have to be removed after this process, so that the problems of corrosion and/or oxidation not occur. According to applicable building codes these removals are required. But the complete removal of the steel packers demand enormously high efforts which are dependent on the types of structure and implies high costs.

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Screw Packer Plastic
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Here you will find Accessories for Plastic Screw-Packers

INSTANT Plastic Screw-Packer

INSTANT Plastic Screw-Packer

Ideal for the fast Building Site: INSTANT Plastic Screw-Packer with ...

Plastic Screw-Packer

Plastic Screw-Packer

Our Standard Plastic Screw-Packer High Pressure Plastic Screw-Packer is used...

That is why we recommend our Plastic-Screwing-Packer (Plastic-Injection-Packer)!

The remnants of the material which consist of a special, fiberglass-reinforced plastic need not to be removed from the drilling holes.

The injection screwing-packer consists of plastic and a rubber collar.
During the injection the user has the opportunity of retightening the position of the packer.
A remarkable feature during the injection is the opportunity to retighten the rubber collar.
The packers can be retightened by hand, with a suitable spanner or with a mechanically spanner (poppniet-system).

Before the retightening process it is essential to check, the consistency of the building component!

The injection-pump is connected with the packer by means of a nipple, which simultaneously functions as a non-return valve.

 Packers with non-return valves are available.

The standard version of the Plastic-Screwing-Packers consist of a fiberglass-reinforced plastic for diameters of 14 or 16 mms and optionally with a cone head or flat head nipple.

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