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Mini Drive in Packer from MAFA

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Mini Impact Packers - for small joints

Simple and fast use
low price
Are pushed into holes of walls

The using of plastic Drive In Packers presuppose a good quality of the building

Plastic Drive in Packers are subdivided into two categories:

- with molded filling nipple
- without filling nipple

Application of the Plastic Drive In Packer
Mostly applied for injections at groutings of brick masonry.
The application of plastic drive in packers presupposes building materials of high quality.

Mini-Plastic Packer ID65 - with molded filling nipple

Mini-Plastic Packer ID65 - with molded filling nipple

Mini Plastic Packer ø6mm and ø9mm for small joints

Injection method for the prevention and fighting of wood preservatives into the wood and means for blocking in wall joints

Mini Plastic Packer / Injector Type ID65 - from modified plastic - for borehole diameter ø6mm and ø9mm - with molded filling nipple

Applications: Redevelopment - Draining - Waterproofing - Crack injection

Processed can be the following materials: Epoxy - Polyurethane - Cement Suspensions - Acrylic Resins


0,24 per Piece   

(incl. Tax excl. Shipping costs)

Shipping time: 1-2 days*

1 x 'Mini-Plastic Packer ID65 - with molded filling nipple' order Mini-Plastic Packer ID65 - with molded filling nipple

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