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The versatile VARIO Tubing Segment System, with nozzles and accessories

VARIO Tubing Segment System - versatile and high-quality 

The VARIO-System is available in three sizes: 1/4", 1/2" und 3/4"

All sizes can be combined using a variety of adapters and junctions, allowing one of more nozzles to be attached simultaneously. The flexibility of the individual components allows for tight curves and a myriad of shapes to suit your needs.

Versatility and high quality distinguishes the VARIO tubing system.

Rising demands for faster processing speeds, higher quality surfaces and increased durabilty of equipment, coupled with constant cost pressures, necessitate systematic and targeted use of coolants and lubricants for: turning, drilling, grinding, milling and eroding.

The VARIO System can also be put to work to blow away debris during processing of workpieces and remove fluids, dust or moisture and smoke quickly and accurately.

With our range of hose components, nozzles, threaded connectors, valves, couplings and junctions, you are sure to find the right combination for your application.


Bore diameter in mm

Flow rate in l/min

Max. pressure*

Minimum bend radius R



 16 l/min

 6 bar

 R 29mms



 32 l/min

 6 bar

 R 38mms



 72 l/min

 6 bar

 R45 mms


* Maximum pressure is dependent on various factors, such as hose length, nozzle size and bend radius

Are you interested in a good coolant? Enter in the search MAFACOOL.

Are you interested in a good coolant? Enter in the search MAFACOOL.

VARIO Cooling System
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