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VARIO Fittings / Elbows / Reducers of all types for the VARIO Tubing Segment System

Pick up of our diverse program of VARIO Fittings / Elbows / Reducers the right fitting, the right elbow or the right reducer for your application - of the VARIO Tubing Segment System

Fittings, Elbows and Reducers guarantee:

* High pressure resistance
* Highest bending strength and position stability possible
* Excellent chemical resistance
* Flexibility and versatility
* High production quality and efficiency
* Fast assembly/ dismantling
* Many combination possibilities

Fittings / Elbows / Reduce
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More sub categories:

T- and elbow fittings

T- and elbow fittings

VARIO T- and elbow fittings available in sizes 1/4 " and 1/2" of t...

Y-fittings and Y-fitting-reducer

Y-fittings and Y-fitting-reducer

VARIO Y-fittings and Y-fitting-reducers available in sizes 1/4 ", 1/2&q...



VARIO Reducers available in sizes 1/2" and 3/4" of the VARIO Tubin...

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MAFA-Sebald Produktions-GmbH

Langscheider Str. 45-47
58339 Breckerfeld

Telefon: +49 2338 9169-0
Fax: +49 2338 9169-40


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