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Graphite Sprayer, Powder Spray Systems, also as special executions

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Graphite Sprayers, Powder Sprayers

We would be glad to receive your specific enquiries.

Graphite-Spraying System GSS1

Graphite-Spraying System GSS1

Spraying of Graphites, Waxes and other powder-based materials

180801 Graphite-Spraying System GSS 1 - Powder Spraying System 

The Graphite Spraying System GSS 1 can be changed into a automatic working system.

We would be glad to hear about your special needs.



510,03 per Piece    Weight: 1.200 kg

(incl. Tax excl. Shipping costs)

Shipping time: 1 week*

1 x 'Graphite-Spraying System GSS1' order Graphite-Spraying System GSS1

Powder-Spraygun GSS2

Powder-Spraygun GSS2

Spraying of Graphite-Powder, Wax, Releasing Agents and other powder-based materials

180802 Powder Spraygun GSS 2



185,58 per Piece   

(incl. Tax excl. Shipping costs)

Shipping time: 3-4 days*

1 x 'Powder-Spraygun GSS2' order Powder-Spraygun GSS2

GRAPHITE-Spraygun B610PG

GRAPHITE-Spraygun B610PG

for the processing of graphite release agents

We are happy to check if your material can be processed with our pistol

15010101 GRAPHITE Spraygun B610PG STA26 - Air Connection Coupler Nipple Type 26, other connections on request

Stainless steel spray tube 500mm long with stainless steel spray nozzle ø-3,5mm



118,94 per Piece    Weight: 0.900 kg

(incl. Tax excl. Shipping costs)

Shipping time: 1-2 days*

1 x 'GRAPHITE-Spraygun B610PG' order GRAPHITE-Spraygun B610PG

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