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The wide range of possible uses of MAFA Blowguns made of plastic

MAFA Blowguns made of plastic have a wide variety of uses

New: Moistening products in the food sector

We are happy to assist you in improving your production processes with MAFA pistols


Airguns MAFA
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With SAFETY-Nozzle

With SAFETY-Nozzle

SCHUTZ-Air Nozzle prevent rebound of swarf!!!

With Standard-Nozzle 1,5mms

With Standard-Nozzle 1,5mms

MAFA Airguns made of Polyamide - with standard nozzle We can off...

With Extension

With Extension

Airguns made of plastic with extension Delivery ex stock Airguns...

With MAXI-Nozzle

With MAXI-Nozzle

MAXI-Blast nozzle sucts itself 3-4 times more air ENORMOUS AMOUN...

With SOFT-Nozzle

With SOFT-Nozzle

SOFT-Blast nozzles are reducing the noice level from 84 dB(a) to only 62 dB(...

With special nozzles

Blow Guns with special nozzles from MAFA We would be glad to manufact...

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MAFA-Sebald Produktions-GmbH

Langscheider Str. 45-47
58339 Breckerfeld

Telefon: +49 2338 9169-0
Fax: +49 2338 9169-40


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