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Anaerobic Adhesives and Sealers

Anaerobic Adhesives and Sealers

    * Low-, medium- and high-tensile screw lockings
    * Pipe- and Thread-Sealing
    * Surface-Sealing
    * Join connections

Adhesives and sealants are single-component, solvent-free reaction adhesives.These products cure without oxygen and cross-link under catalytic influence of metals. In doing so they interlock with irregularities within the surface of the to be connected parts.

Anaerobic Adhesives and sealants prevent corrosion and create shock and vibration resistant bonding superior to all conventional mechanical fastings.

Depending on the requirements anaerobic adhesives and sealants seal screws and surfaces and fasten aircraft components. They are used in the engine & plant engineering, metal & tool working as well as in areas such as pumps, automotive, shipbuilding & aviation. Other applications lie in hydraulic & pneumatic uses, piping, electronics and in repair & maintenance.


Anaerobic Adhesives and Sealers
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