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Pressureless Medium-Container DMB1 - Stainless Steel

Pressureless Medium-Container DMB1 - Stainless Steel

Price on request.

Product No.: 4101

4101....  Pressureless Medium-Container DMB1 - ex 30 Litres - optionaler mobile - Stainless Steel execution - No TÜV examination necessary

    * Pressureless Medium-Container for spraying Blackenings or Releasing Agents of any kind
    * You are able to fill in Medium at any time, without any disruption of work
    * A container made of Stainless Stees can be filled with Releasing Agents of Blackenings of any kind
    * The container is stationary or optional mobile
    * A special pneumatic pumping system pumps the medium, if necessary, to a spraygun or spray unit or whatsever which sprays onto the tool then
    * Spraygun or SprayHead can be supplied also double-sided
    * You can operate the system manual or automatic with an electric signal or via an electric contact from a machine
    * The system is very robust and therefore to be used over a long period, easy to use and does not need a long tome to learn it

For automatical use the unit offers a potential-free contact and is able to receive a starting-signal from the machine to start the spraying process.

The hoses for the spray air / medium and the electric cables have a lengths of 5 Meters and are fixed to the container.

The electric circuit is based on a Siemens SPS Logo
Needed connections are:
Air Pressure
Electric, 230V socket / others on request

Flexible in mobile version as easily from place to place movable.

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