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Plunger Lubricators for die casting machines

Plunger Lubricator Systems for Granules / Pellets, Powders and Oils

We want that you are satisfied with our Plunger Lubrication Devices - by appointment, you can also rent our products - please contact us at:
Mr. Alexander Kansin -

Pellet Dosers are used in various industrial branches.

The materials for them have different names: granules, pellets, wax, beads and other names.

Pellet plunger lube
Oil-based plunger lube
Water-based plunger lube

Pressure Casting Technology the devices are referred as Piston Lubrication Systems, Pellet-Dosers, etc..
Beside our standard products we would be glad to develope special executions for you


Plunger Lubrication Systems
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Granules, Pellets

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Powder-Dosers APD

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Dosing System LPC for Oils

Dosing System LPC for Oils

LPC Micro Dosing Systems for Oils and other liquids With ...

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