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Lamella Packer D12A

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Lamellae Packer D12A - Plastic Drive In Packer with integrated back flow valve

The D12A is designed with its nipple for use with high-pressure presses. The valve passage is with 2,4mm bigger by about 50% than that of a standard nipples. After pressing the packer stays in the wall, the nipple is easily cut off; an elaborate cleaning eliminates. The valve with the free-running ball ensures a secure closure when after pressing the clutch pressure (> 3 bar) is withdrawn.
Basically, the maintenance of the packer in the masonry or concrete on many factors depends that we can not influence. For this reason we do not say anything about a limit to what the packer safely in the wall holds.

Test the D12 - we are sure to offer a good, fully functional and affordable product on the market.

If at low pressure applications, the ball does not close include the accessories are caps available (cap D12). In order to pursue the packer when setting deep enough into the borehole can - without damaging the terminal - is a drive-in aid needed
D12A plastic Schlagpacker
Dimensions: Ø13, 8x69 mm
Hole: Ø12 ± 1 x 63 mm
Passage: Ø2,4 mm
Material: Polyamide PA
Valve: Freewheeling ball
Connection: nipple
Sealing: 7 slats, progressive

Suitable for:
Hydrophobic silicone oils
EP resins
PUR resins and foams
Grout / cement

Crack injection
Horizontal barriers


Lamella-Packer D12

Lamella-Packer D12

with free ball-valve - nipple H1 DIN 71412

08130200 Lamella-Drive-In-Packer D12

Lamella-Drive-In-Packer D12 made of Polyamide for Crack Injection, Draining, Caulking and Fungus Control

Dimensions: Ø13,8x69mm
Bore: Ø12 ± 1 x 63mm
Passage: Ø2,4



0,75 per Piece    Weight: 0.006 kg

(incl. Tax excl. Shipping costs)

Shipping time: 1-2 days*

1 x 'Lamella-Packer D12' order Lamella-Packer D12

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