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Oil Guns, digital


Electronic devices for dispensing of fluids, essentials where it is necessary the immediate checking of the flows of the fluids. The operating-system is based on the principle of oval gear equipped with an electronic component suitable to record the fluid quantities that go through it, by probe, giving the signal on the liquid cristal display. The device shows single total for each dispensing, partial total and a cumulative total which stores at every single dispensing.
Flexbimec volumetric fluid dispensers provide the first step for the management of the petroleum based oils. In all the series “Oil Gate”, “Oil Counter”, “Oil Bit Plus” and "High Flow" it is possible to enter in 3 different totals which provide the handling of the oil flows.

Single batch total:
The oil is sucked directly from the tank, pumped out and stopped at the wished quantity by watching the display.

Partial total:
The single batches are cumulated and stored, providing a daily or weekly or monthly (depending on the general oil consumptions) check of the total oil delivered and after that can periodically reset.

Absolute total :
The single batches are cumulated and stored since the beginning of the use of the digital meter it can not be reset and provides the inventory of the oil consumption.

Preset oil meters offer a little but effective automation in the oil filling as once it has been predetermined the batches of oil to be dispensed the flow will be arrested automatically. The meters are supplied with a factory standard calibration based on hydraulic oil ISO 32. The operator can modify the calibration
according to the different viscosities of the lubricants to be dispensed by an simply procedure. It is also possible to switch from unit of measurements like litres into gallons, pints or quarters by pushing directly the function buttons.

Oil Guns, digital
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